Joe and Sheriff Above:  Instructor Joe Bruno with Carson City Sheriff Ken Furlong riding in the 2014 Nevada Day Parade.

Joe Bruno provides quality professional firearms instruction for all levels of firearms users, from the person who has never held a firearm to the expert shooter who needs certification instruction. Some of Joe’s qualifications and experience include the following:

Joe on horseback

  • NRA certified pistol instructor
  • NRA certified shotgun instructor
  • NRA certified rifle instructor
  • Range Instructor for Carson City Sheriff’s Office
  • Over 30 years of active Law Enforcement in California and Nevada.
  • Commander of Carson City Sheriff’s Mounted Unit
  • Classes held in Fallon, Carson City, and Washoe County.  Upon successful completion of the CCW class the student will receive a “Nevada Sheriff’s and Chiefs Firearms Safety Course Certification of Completion and Firearms Proficiency Certificate”.  This certificate will then be taken by the student to the Sheriff’s Office in the county the student resides in.
  • Over 50 years experience with firearms


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