Ladies only or Family CCW classes

    • This class is designed for the beginner to the advanced shooter; emphasizing a strong shooting foundation with the participants progressing at their individual pace in a comfortable and safe environment.  The class progression starts with firearms safety rules, knowledge of laws pertaining to firearms carry, proper shooting fundamentals, accurate single and multiple shooting exercises, drawing and reloading exercises, movement and a variety of advance training up to stress inoculation.
  • $80 For Nevada CCW Class.  Utah CCW Permit available for $30.00
  • Ammunition available for students use.  A fee will be charged for ammunition only.

**Included in cost is targets, eye and ear protection if needed, course material, and certificate of completion. 

Classes conducted on Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Scheduled as requested

To reserve a spot call 775-721-4073   email:

MasterCard and VISA accepted

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